Frequently asked questions

You have questions about the field of insurance? The answer is probably here.

I know my professional domain very well, but I don’t know much about insurance. Is this a problem ?

Absolutely not ! Companies are not looking for your competencies in insurance, but for your talent and expertise in your domain. Know that all companies provide their employees with training on basic notions.

You want to go further ? No problem: in most companies, internal politics provide study time, support by tutors and a refund for the cost of your courses. In some cases, bonuses or salary raises are also linked with academic success. You don’t have to know insurance perfectly, but if you’re interested, your employer will be happy to support you in your learning.

I don’t want to be paid by commission. Is it possible to have a stable salary ?

Of course! In the headquarters, employees have a fixed salary―and a competitive one for that matter. There is nonetheless a variable part since most companies have an incentive compensation policy where the employee receives a bonus when he attains objectives. It is the best of both worlds !
The commission remuneration is widespread among distribution networks, such as for agents or brokers. Here, we’re talking about people with entrepreneurship. But don’t be fooled: it’s a world of remuneration with uncertainty and challenges, but those who succeed can determine the top of their salary scale for themselves.

I see myself working more in an advanced sector. Insurance, isn’t that a bit old game ?

Everything is relative: of course, we don’t build spaceships ! But in the field of financial services, insurance is an innovative sector. We conduct researches, we manage important assets with cutting-edge technology, we develop complex management systems. In technology, we use very advanced programs and, when we don’t find them, we simply create them.

I want to travel, and not spend my whole career in Québec. Will I have the occasion to work elsewhere ?

Many companies do business everywhere in Canada, some even abroad. Depending on the position, it is possible to conduct internships or even spend a part of your career in many big Canadian cities. Since headquarters are here, in the national capital, let’s be honest: promotions will gradually bring you back here...

Insurance sales don’t interest me. Are there any other positions that could better suit my likings ?

The region of Québec City and Lévis has almost 11 000 employees who work in 10 insurance company headquarters. Beyond jobs in the sales sector, the insurance industry offers many job possibilities in domains as varied as information technology, actuarial services, administration, marketing, accounting and human resources. There is assuredly a career for you among those choices !

I just got on the job market. Could I access an interesting position even though I’m a beginner ?

Considering the diversity and number of jobs offered in the field of insurance, any candidate can find an interesting position, no matter his/her professional experience. Requested profiles require different study levels (technical studies or university) and various fields of studies (information technology, insurance, electronic business, communication, administration, etc.). Above all, the more you’re motivated to advance, the faster your career will evolve!