Continuous Improvement Advisor

According to the group’s improvement priorities, the advisor participates in multiple improvement mandates of management frameworks (Lean Management) and to optimization projects of business processes.

Level of education

  • Bachelor in Computer Science or Administration with Organizational Management Systems Option


  • Between $ 50,000 and $ 90,000 depending on experience


  • Establish interpersonal relationships
  • Sense of precision
  • Comfortable with abstract language
  • Programming and computer science
  • Analyzing, deducing and understanding

Description of Tasks

The advisor must identify opportunities for improvement and propose solutions to the diverse business knowledge that is part of his mandate. To do this, he will have to lead workshops (Kaizen), conduct remote meetings, observe the work of employees and collect and analyze relevant data.

Contribute, as a consultant, to operational efficiency work, support the various sectors of the company during this work and produce work organization deliverables for new business solutions.

Analyze functional needs, establish diagnoses, develop process modeling, produce a continuous improvement or process optimization plan and follow up on expected results.

Perform benchmarking comparative analyzes and carry out work organization projects and develop performance indicator and data collection systems to allow the implementation of continuous improvement processes.