E-Business Analyst or Advisor

The E-Business analyst or advisor is responsible for the research and analysis of information to contribute to the preparation and realization of acceptance attempts of the user experience section in the framework of projects, and to the evolution of websites and applications of the Internet channel (Web, mobile). He provides an expertise in his competence domain and intervenes in the framework of matters of different complexity levels within the multidisciplinary teams requiring the stabilization of multiple business units of organization, business partners and external providers.

Level of education

  • Bachelor in Marketing or Computer Science


  • Between $ 89,075 and $ 133,613 depending on experience



  • Design, invent and create
  • Good judgment
  • Establish interpersonal relationships
  • Daily news and media
  • Innovating

Description of Tasks

Write the acceptance test cases of the user experience component in the context of projects and developments by appropriating the strategy and plan of the acceptance tests as well as the content of the functional and implementation files in order to cover all necessary scenarios and test areas and ensure the quality of the solutions developed before putting them into production.

Perform acceptance test cases for the user experience component and document all the anomalies experienced that are in variance with the expected results and ensure resolution follow-up according to the priorities established in accordance with deadlines.

Contribute to the planning and organization of acceptance tests in a support role for the person responsible for coordinating these activities.

Contribute to the continuous improvement of the operating methods and tools in place in terms of acceptance testing.