Geography Analyst

The geography analyst provides specialized support to the pricing and research and development teams allowing to reach the business objectives of a geo-demographic nature. He also helps with the identification of upgrade opportunities and with making recommendations in a context of performance and profitability

Level of education

  • Bachelor's degree in geography or a related field


  • Between $ 61,194 and $ 91,790 depending on experience


  • Complex and statistical calculations
  • Good judgment
  • Comfortable with numbers
  • Classifying and producing reports
  • Analyzing, deducing and understanding

Description of Tasks

Create, maintain and use databases allowing an interpretation of the socio-demographic characteristics of the risks to be insured in order to support the underwriting and selection of risks as well as business development.

Compile information related to geographic interpretation and develop socio-demographic analysis models to establish the level of risk or the potential for profit associated with various levels of territorial division.