Product Development Consultant

The product development consultant is responsible for the achievement of planned results or for the realization of action plans linked to risks analysis and the establishment of rates in individual insurance.

Level of education

  • Bachelor of Administration in Marketing Option


  • Between $ 61,194 and $ 91,790 depending on experience


  • Design, invent and create
  • Analyzing, deducing and understanding
  • To persuade
  • Daily news and media
  • Innovating

Description of Tasks

Supervises the members of his team and participates in the development of budgets, action plans, objectives and strategies for his sector.

Proposes and ensures the implementation of guidelines from higher levels and also sees to the achievement of objectives within the deadlines provided with the resources allocated.

In complex and new problems, intervenes and recommends the appropriate solutions. In the absence of an expert, he can also act as the reference person in his area of expertise.