Telephone and Call Center Consultant

The telephone and call center consultant collects, collates and analyzes the information linked to computing or technological incidents reported by users or to service demands in a context of constant improvement. He participates in the development, evolution and optimization of the work processes, procedures and methods of his unit.

Level of education

  • DEC or Bacc in computer science or a related field


  • Between $ 54,665 and $ 81,997 depending on experience


  • Helping other
  • Design, invent and create
  • Sense of precision
  • Analyzing, deducing and understanding
  • Programming and computer science

Description of Tasks

Participate in the development, evolution and optimization of the unit's processes, procedures and working methods with the objective of effectiveness and efficiency of incident management activities and front-line service requests .

Identify and propose different solutions aimed at ensuring that the services offered are continuously aligned with business needs.

Document, analyze, categorize, and prioritize avenues for continuous improvement and help coordinate the various stages of implementing the required improvements.

Collect, compile and analyze various information to validate the achievement of expected results.