Travel Insurance Agent

The travel insurance agent writes multiple documents related to insurance, notably contracts, brochures, etc. He develops and manages a database used for the writing of documents.

Level of education

  • AEC or DEC in insurance


  • Between $ 42,200 and $ 50,678 depending on experience


  • Helping other
  • Establish interpersonal relationships
  • Listening
  • Good judgment
  • Sense of precision

Description of Tasks

Analyze the proposals received, interpret the clauses of contracts or brochures, determine and assemble, from a database, the clauses necessary for the creation of contracts and insurance brochures and develop and update the databases data used for drafting documents in collaboration with relevant sectors in this area.

Participate in discussions with customers or internal representatives of other sectors and ensure consistency between pricing and system loading and act as a responder to the loading team.

Validate certain interpretations with the legal sector of the organization.