Training offered by the industry

You study in university, have recently obtained your university diploma or are already on the job market, and you are looking to improve your knowledge in the field of insurance?

Take your career to new heights thanks to the professional training programs given by the industry and leading to renowned titles like CIP, FCIP and FLMI.

Institut d’assurance de dommages du Québec

Regional subsidiary of the Insurance Institute of Canada, l’Institut d’assurance de dommages du Québec seeks to offer continuous training that allows its members as well as non-members to keep themselves up to date with the new realities of the job, respecting the regulatory requirements of the Chambre de l’assurance de dommages.

The institute also offers specialized training:

  • CIP (certified insurance professional)
  • Advanced CIP leading to the title FCIP (fellow)
  • Certificate in risks management
  • Insurance Institute of Canada

Institut d’assurance du Canada

The IAC, which has 19 provincial institutes and regional sections, is the professional training organization of the damage insurance industry in Canada.

It has 39 900 members, from one side of Canada to the other, among which 20 000 are students and more than 17 000 are graduates with CIP or FCIP titles.

The IAC offers a wide range of trainings, courses and seminars covering various specialities of the insurance field leading to the obtention of titles or diplomas recognized everywhere in Canada as well as abroad. In some Canadian universities, students of the fellow program can join their courses with their university training program in business administration, while completing their fellow.

IAC programs leading to the obtention of a professional title

  • CIP
  • Advanced CIP
  • FCIP

IAC programs leading to the obtention of a certificate

  • Certificate in risks management
  • Introduction to fires, accidents and various risks insurance (IARD)
  • Administration of rehabilitation benefits
  • Practical training of experts in disasters
  • ACS (Associate Customer Service)

Life Office Management Association

For more than 90 years, LOMA has specialized itself in the development of training programs, courses and congresses in the sector of insurance.

The association in renowned worldwide for the quality of its services.

Professional training programs offered by LOMA cover the basic elements in personal insurance, but can also lead to superior studies, like the FLMI program (Fellow, Life Management Institute). Regional sections, like the Société LOMA de Québec, also offer trainings and conferences on various themes related to life insurance.

Some universities and faculties acknowledge courses of the LOMA professional training program in administration or management certificates. It is notably the case for the Faculty of Administration Sciences at Université Laval for its certificate in Business Administration.