IT Project Coordinator

The IT project coordinator contributes to the leading of material, temporal and human resources in the framework of IT projects to reach the fixed objectives within the imposed timeframe and budget.

Level of education

  • Bachelor in administration, option in organizational information systems or in computer science


  • Between $ 61,1194 and $ 103,297 depending on experience


  • Manage pressure
  • Establish interpersonal relationships
  • Comfortable with abstract language
  • Programming and computer science
  • Classifying and producing reports

Description of Tasks

Analyzes the feasibility and the opportunity of the project, defines the action plans and milestones, coordinates the project teams, etc. and may cover one or more of the specialties of information technology such as technical support, networks, management systems, IT security, etc.

Provides expertise support to more experienced professionals in its field of activity and carries out research work, performs preliminary analyzes and develops the first drafts of tools, policies or practices.

Actively participates in the implementation of tools related to his area of expertise.