More than a hundred of types of jobs in about 15 different disciplines... that’s the field of insurance ! What kind of training do we need to work there ?

Collegial training

Cégeps of Québec City (postsecondary educational institutions) offer two types of training: technical and pre-university.

The technical training, usually lasting three years, is a direct path to the job market. The pre-university training, instead, prepares students for undergraduate and graduate studies. A few jobs only require a specialized technical training.

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University training

Québec has 18 university establishments, many with similar programs of studies.

First cycle studies, usually lasting three or four years, lead to positions like Actuary and Manager. For some more specialized jobs, graduate studies are necessary.

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Specialized training

You have a passion for insurance and financial services ? There is a customized training for your talents and interests !

Cégeps, private colleges and universities offer programs that are specially designed to get a job with an insurer. Those programs lead to diplomas (AEC, DEC, bachelor’s degree or certificate) or allow an employee to improve his competencies. Moreover, some insurers cover the study costs for their employees who desire to develop their knowledge in the concerned fields.

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Training offered by the industry

Three organizations at the provincial, Canadian and international levels offer professional training programs aimed at university students and professionals of the industry leading to renowned titles like CIP, FCIP and FLMI.

Benefiting from a training program of the Institute of damage insurance of Québec (IAC) or of LOMA allows an employee to boost his/her career in the domain.
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Internships in an insurance company

Insurers regularly offer internships (paid or not), principally in the sector of insurance and financial services, aimed at first-cycle collegial and university-level students. For a student, this is an excellent way to get to know the field and acquire hands-on experience!
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Bursaries and financial help

No matter their study level, many students need financial help to support them in the obtention of their diploma. This help comes notably from governments, educational and financial institutions, and even some not-for-profit organizations.
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