Scrum Master

The Scrum Master accompanies the Scrum team in the establishment and use of the Agile approach. This is an innovative approach that involves the participation of experts from various fields. The Scrum Master is the guardian protector of the Agile philosophy and the inherent reference frameworks.

The Scrum Master oversees the initiating, planning and implementation of assigned projects within the team, while protecting it from any external disruptions. In collaboration with the application delivering agent, he handles the backlog, the iterations and the project activities according to the budget, the schedule and the required quality to answer the client’s demands. He coordinates and facilitates the daily caucus, the planning and the Scrum team’s feedback and retrospect.

Level of education

  • Bachelor's degree in administration or human resources or any other relevant experience


  • Salary depending on experience


  • Good judgment
  • Establish interpersonal relationships
  • Sense of precision
  • To persuade
  • Comfortable with numbers

Description of Tasks

Act as leader of the Agile process and constitute and support the Scrum team of the project and facilitate Scrum meetings.

Ensure that the product / process manager and the production team understand and play their respective roles adequately.

Ensure that the Scrum team is functional, productive and that it is organized properly.

Also ensure that the team is concerned with increasing its maturity and constantly improving its productivity and ensuring the efficient use of the Agile approach as well as respect for Agile values ​​and the Scrum reference framework.

Also ensure the application of technological and regulatory processes and standards and isolate the members of the production team from any external interference.

Ensure transparency on the progress of the work and take charge of and follow up on the obstacles raised by the team.

Ensure the consistency of the tasks in the sprint book with the commitments made on the functionality of the product book and guide the product owner to maximize the return on investment and achieve his objectives.

Ensure quality control of the product book and the following sessions: sprint planning meeting, maintenance and estimation sessions of the product book and sprint review.